3 Daily Causes Of Neck Pain That You Need To Know About

Most people don’t appreciate a pain-free neck until tragedy strikes. This type of pain plagues many Americans and is attributed to daily activities. If you experience neck pains, you can visit London Interventional Clinic for treatment. Better still, you can learn its causes and know how to avoid it. This article highlights some common causes of neck pain that you need to know.

  1. Sitting In A Hunched Position

Most of the time, when you’re at work, you’ll slump over your chair. That puts pressure on your neck muscles. The irony is that your TV at home is probably at an eye-level though you watch it for a few hours while at work where you take around 8 hours in your office, you don’t care about placing your computer at an eye level. It’s vital for you always to maintain an upright posture and keep your computer at an eye-level to prevent your neck from straining.

If your company doesn’t have desks and chairs that support this, ask them to get you one. However, if that’ll take a long time, you can take walking and standing breaks from your computer and tilt the monitor’s elevation to minimize stooping.

  1. Engaging In Housework

Though it’s vital to clean and dust gutters in your home, you need to do it wisely. If your head leans back for an extended period, you may experience neck pains. Engaging in work requires your head to assume an elevated position. If you strain the back and shoulder muscles, your neck will be stiff and painful. Professionals know that they need to use a ladder for heights to keep their necks straight when working.

If you aren’t used to doing this type of work, you should do it bit by bit. Don’t just jump into it like a marathon race and perform it for 6 hours on the first day because that’ll pressurize your neck muscles. Instead, start working for a few hours and then increase them slowly as days move on. Besides, you also need to take breaks and change positions as you work instead of keeping the neck in the same position throughout.

  1. Carrying A Shoulder Bag

Shoulder bags can put pressure on your neck and back and interfere with your balance. Some people think that carrying a big bag loaded with stuff to work is fashionable. However, it’s a health hazard that you need to avoid because it makes keeping your head in a level position difficult. As the bag pulls down the shoulder, your back muscles will be struggling to keep your head and shoulders straight. Doing this frequently constantly strains the muscles and may lead to acute neck pain.

It’s recommended that you use a backpack instead of a shoulder bag. That’s because it balances weight across your shoulders and back. However, if you don’t like backpacks, reduce your bag’s weight and shift it from one shoulder to the other. Also, it would help if you put it down whenever possible.


The best way to reduce neck pain is to understand the symmetry of your spine. Doing this will help you maintain an upright posture. If you’re carrying heavyweights, ensure you balance them on your back to reduce pressure.