5 Important Nutritional Values and Health Benefits of Cannabis Seeds and Its Products

More states are legalizing cannabis for both medical and recreational purposes as the debate concerning the use of cannabis products is becoming more open and acceptable. However, research has shown that cannabis seeds contain substances with great health benefits and excellent nutritional value.

Manufacturers obtain cannabis products from stems, flowering tops, seeds, and leaves of the cannabis plant. Cannabis Sativa and Indica are the most common types of cannabis plants.

Cannabis Seeds

Most cannabis seeds contain a mixture of Cannabis Sativa and Cannabis Indica. People who are fans of cannabis seeds consider the seeds as a superfood. Cannabis Sativa seeds contain trace amounts of the psychoactive substance THC and are highly nutritious.

Health Benefits of Cannabis Sativa Seeds

Cannabis Sativa seeds contain substances with high nutritional value and with great health benefits.

1.     Antioxidant Effect

CBD and other cannabinoids have neuroprotective and anti-inflammatory properties that are necessary to protect your brain. Thus CBD may help in neuro conditions such as neuropathic pain, seizure disorders, and multiple sclerosis. The antioxidants present in cannabis seeds help protect your body from free radicals that cause inflammation. Inflammation may cause damage to your brain; however, if you have any medical condition consult from your cannabis dispensary in 21206 for further consultation and guidance.

2.     Contains Proteins

Cannabis sativa seeds contain high nutritional proteins, with emulsions containing oil droplets similar to milk emulsions. Whereas most proteins are insoluble, cannabis proteins have a high solubility of greater than 70%, which ensures fast and uniform distribution of the cannabis proteins.

Cannabis seeds contain all the nine essential amino acids, the essential building blocks of all proteins. The human body cannot produce the essential amino acids; hence, you need to consume the amino acids in edibles such as cannabis seeds. Cannabis seed proteins contain a high level of arginine amino acids essential for regulating blood flow. Cannabis seeds can make quality protein powder. You can search for dispensaries near me in baltimore for quality products of cannabis seeds.

3.     Cannabis Seeds Contains Unsaturated Fats

Hemp seeds contain at least 30% of fats rich in omega-6 and omega-3 essential fatty acids in the ratio of 3:1, necessary for optimal functioning of the body. The essential fatty acids are critical for general health, and you must supply them to your body through foods since the body cannot manufacture the essential fatty acids. The essential fatty acids help maintain healthy cholesterol levels, regulate metabolism rate, and boost body immunity. Cannabis seeds contain low content of unhealthy saturated fats. You can visit Baltimore Maryland, for cannabis tourism and enjoy your cannabis seeds products.

4.     Rich in Vitamins

Cannabis seeds are rich in minerals and vitamins essential in the body since they collaboratively perform many roles beneficial to your body. Some parts of vitamins and minerals include boosting immunity, supporting healthy bones, healthy heart, and making hormones and enzymes. Cannabis seeds contain vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin B6, vitamin B3, phosphorus, magnesium, and potassium.

5.     Improves Skin Conditions

Acne and other skin conditions may be a result of inflammation. You can apply cannabis seeds topical since they have good anti-inflammatory properties. Skin problems may also be due to a deficiency of omega-3 fatty acids, rich in cannabis seeds. Plant fibers present in cannabis seeds may also help improve your skin’s condition since fibers enhance blood circulation to your skin cells, thus improving the skin’s appearance.


Cannabis seeds are popularly becoming part of healthy foods. You can incorporate cannabis seeds as edibles and enjoy many nutritional benefits of the cannabis seeds. The content of the psychoactive substance THC is usually less than 0.3%. However, consult with your budtender for more information and guidance.