Breast Implant Toronto is one of the most requested cosmetic procedure. A lot of women decide to undergo this procedure. Though most women qualify as good candidates for this procedure, there are some exceptions there. During your consultation, the surgeon will tell you whether you are the most suited for this procedure or not. Here are important considerations that will help you determine whether you are suited for this procedure or not.

Disclosing Medical History

During the consultation, you will be asked about your medical history, current medical situation and aesthetic goals. You should disclose any significant past or present medical issues, existing or previous breast implants or surgery and your physical, emotional and mental health. It is in your own best interest, to be honest with the surgeon as it will not help them to determine any risks that could be involved, whether you are suited for the surgery and what you should expect out of it.

Why you should plan to undergo the procedure?

There are various reasons why one may choose to enlarge or reshape their breasts. Reconstruction of malformed, tuberous breasts, correction of dramatic asymmetry, reconstruction post-mastectomy restoration after breastfeeding, adding volume in conjunction with a breast lift or adding cleavage fullness and volume for small breasts are just a handful of reasons to plan to get breast implants. Most patients who undergo this procedure feel that their body confidence and self-esteem has improved after the procedure as they feel better about their proportions and how they look.

Post and Pre Opt Care

Once you’ve decided to undergo the procedure, your surgeon will give you a list of instructions that you need to follow to the T before and after the procedure. These instructions are crucial for optimal surgery and recovery. You will be asked to stop certain medications which could have a blood-thinning effect and to leave smoking at least four weeks before the procedure. Consumption of Nicotine can hamper the healing process severely. After the procedure, you will be made to wear a compression garment for a couple of weeks. During this time you must find someone to help you around the house as you won’t be allowed to exert yourself or lift heavy for a while.

When should you opt to undergo the procedure?

An ideal patient for the procedure should be in good overall health both physical and mental. The aesthetic goals that you want to achieve should be realistic as it depends upon the existing anatomy of your body. The patients should be able to carry out pre and post-operative instructions.


Dr Romy and Dr Golger are renowned plastic surgeons who will not only determine whether you are the perfect candidates for the procedure or not, but they will also suggest you procedures which you could opt for that will help you to achieve your aesthetic goals. During the consultation, they will also discuss the possible side effects of the procedure.