Back Pain- Different Therapies That Ease the Misery

Back pain affects about 80% of the American population. The most prevalent type is lower back pain, which can be attributed to the fact that we rely on our backs for our day-to-day tasks. It’s a leading cause of work-related disability, and it is a significant reason for workplace absenteeism. In this write-up, we will review the different types of back pain and available therapies.

What are the distinct types of back pain?

There are three categories of back pain problems treated at Holistic Medical 48th St. These are;

  1. Axial back pain:Axial back pain is widespread and involves a sharp to a dull ache. It may be prolonged or come and go. The intensity of the pain can vary from mild to severe. It can cause soreness after sitting for long or debilitating pain leading to difficulties in walking.
  1. Referred pain:With this type of problem, you’ll experience an achy and dull kind of pain that comes and goes. The achy pain starts in the lower part of your back and spreads to the groin and buttocks. The intensity of the pain varies.
  1. Radicular pain:This type of pain is deep and constant. It usually follows the nerve down the leg and is accompanied by muscle weakness, numbness, and muscle tingling.

What are the treatment options for lower back pain?

The common causes of lower back pain include heavy lifting, twisting, and poor posture. There are different treatment options, and all depend on the cause of the pain. These are;

  1. Home self-care: There are different types of home self-care, these include;

Sleeping: If suffering from lower back pain, sleep with a pillow between your knees, and lie on your sides. This enhances your comfort and prevents further injury to you back.

Exercises: The best activities to try out are the pelvic tilt, back twist, shoulder shrug, and hamstring stretch. They will strengthen your muscles, promote joint flexibility, and ease the pain. Walking also works wonders, but you should do it slowly and cautiously.

 Hot/Cold therapy: This uses a heating pad to minimize inflammation. Cold therapy is done using an ice pack and helps relieve back pain.

2.Medical treatment– This involves prescription drugs and therapies such as;

 Acupuncture: There are different types of acupuncture. The common technique involves sticking thin needles to your body to relieve tension. The procedure helps alleviate back pain and increases activity. The sessions are conducted thrice weekly and will increase gradually.

Massage therapy: Message therapy helps lessen muscle spasm and relaxes your tissues, muscles, and ligaments.

 Spine adjustment: The procedure is conducted by a chiropractor, psychiatrist, or physical therapy specialist. You may feel no pain after the first session; hence no need for a second one. But, your doctor will advise if there’s a need for more sessions.

A quick wrap up

Different conditions can cause back pain. Talk to your doctor to ascertain the exact problem and treatment. There are various treatment options to go for, but effective management of the pain depends on the treatment option.