Common Reasons People get Tummy Tucks:

Abdominal fat can be annoying and difficult to shed for most people. A tummy tuck is often a solution to weight gain, post baby stomach skin, and other difficulties. For effective results that cannot be achieved through routine health habits and exercise, consult tummy tuck surgeons in atlanta. Here are some of the most common reasons people seek out the tummy tuck procedure.

  1. Muscle Tightening
    1. When the stomach muscles have been stretched and are incapable of repairing themselves a tummy tuck can help shape the tummy area to look more sculpted. Often after pregnancy, females experience diastasis which causes the muscles to separate. A quick test to see if you have a diastasis is to lay on the ground flat and raise your legs up, if you notice a vertical bulge that is a sign you have one. The procedure will tighten these muscles for a smooth appearance that the damaged muscles could not achieve naturally.
  2. Skin Removal & Fat Removal
    1. Excess skin can result from pregnancy or changes in weight. This can cause the skin to stretch irreversibly, and despite best efforts exercise might not produce the results you want. A tummy tuck can give your skin the elasticity it once had and prevent rashes and infections. During this procedure excess fat can also be removed with liposuction.
  3. Health Issues
    1. Hernia: There are several health issues that can be solved or put at ease with a tummy tuck. These include a hernia: a hernia exists when a hole in the muscles cause internal tissues to displace. This condition can often be found during a consultation and can be easily repaired during the procedure.
    2. Stress urinary incontinence (SUI): A tummy tuck can relieve the pressure that is placed on the bladder and urethra that causes SUI.
    3. Fat in the stomach and back areas can cause great discomfort and poor posture in many people. The removal of this weight can bring great relief in patients suffering from back pain.
  4. Self-confidence
    1. Lastly, of course as with any plastic surgery, you have to make the decision for yourself. If this procedure will make you look and feel good, it is bound to increase your self confidence.

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