States that have legalized Marijuana have stores known as marijuana dispensaries where you can buy Marijuana legally. Purchasing Marijuana from a dispensary guarantees you are getting a quality product, but there are some things you should understand before you head out to buy Marijuana. This is important because there have been several cases where people visit marijuana dispensaries without first understanding the rules associated with these stores, only for the budtenders to turn them away. Since you want to enjoy a good experience when you go out to buy weed in a marijuana dispensary, here are some critical things you should know.

You must prove you are 21years and above.

You must be 21years and above before you are allowed to step foot in a Portland marijuana dispensary. Other than that, there is no exception. When you go to a marijuana dispensary, you will be greeted by security personnel at first glance who will ask to see your ID. If you haven’t met this requirement, you will be turned away and asked to leave the premises immediately. If you have a marijuana medical card, carry it along in case the budtender needs to see it.

Most Marijuana dispensaries do cash transactions only.

Before you enter a Marijuana dispensary, it is always crucial that you have some cash on you. Most Marijuana dispensaries accept cash only payments, but few take credit cards. Marijuana is still not legal under federal law, and many banks are not ready to do business with Marijuana companies for fear of money laundering accusations. But it is not uncommon to find Marijuana stores that accept credit card payments.

Note that Marijuana in dispensaries is expensive than in the black market since its price is subject to state taxes. So, ensure you carry enough cash to pay for the Marijuana products you need.

Ask questions from the budtender.

Do not hesitate to enquire more from the budtender about the marijuana product you want to buy. A good budtender is more of a consultant and will point you in the right direction of marijuana products. Reputable weed dispensaries Portland hire qualified staff with enough product knowledge to help their Marijuana clients make informed decisions. A budtender who goes out of their way to offer you the best shopping experience is worth a tip.

Know what you want beforehand

Know the kind of marijuana product you want before visiting a marijuana dispensary. If you want Marijuana for medical use, carry your prescription along to make the budtender’s work easier. If you want Marijuana for recreational use, research the different types of products the dispensary has and know what you want. Note that there will be other clients waiting for service, so the vendor will not have extra time to serve you. You can start by checking the dispensary’s website to find out about their products.

Marijuana products are non-refundable

Do not buy various marijuana products that you don’t necessarily need, as there is no return policy in most marijuana dispensaries. The best way to avoid this is not to get excited at every marijuana product the budtender shows you during your visit. You can always pop in the next time for a different product.

The bottom line

Take time to learn more about marijuana laws and products before you head out to a marijuana dispensary. Also, check their website to determine if they have the product you want to avoid wasting time at the dispensary.