Erectile dysfunction causes & treatment helps to make a stronger relationship

 Erectile dysfunction is experienced by many men as annoying. Not only for themselves, but they also often feel that they are failing their partner. The carefree feeling of making love and enjoying it can disappear. Every time it fails again, there is the disappointment and fear of another failure. Many men find that such problems affect their self-confidence and their relationship with their partner. They often feel that they are the only ones with this problem. However, this is not the case. More than fifty percent of men between the ages of forty and seventy have regular or always problems getting or keeping an erection. Not all men seek help for this, often out of shame and because the subject is taboo for many men, Viagra Professional is very effective for overcoming erectile dysfunction.

Causes of erectile dysfunction:

There are physical and psychological causes that can lead to erectile dysfunction. A combination of these can also occur.

physical causes:

Cardiovascular disease: Men who are familiar with cardiovascular disease have a high risk of erectile dysfunction due to arteriosclerosis. This clogs the supplying blood vessels to the penis. Changes in penile blood flow can cause penile stiffness to decrease. Erectile dysfunction can also be the harbinger of cardiovascular problems. In the event of complaints in this area (including shortness of breath, chest pain, deteriorating condition) it is important that you discuss this with your GP as soon as possible. It is also advisable to have your blood pressure and cholesterol checked by your doctor.

Diabetes mellitus (diabetes): long-standing diabetes has a bad influence on the nerves and blood vessels. This can reduce the sensation in the penis, which can lead to erectile dysfunction.

Alcohol, smoking and drugs and medicines: stimulants can have a negative influence on the erection. It is also known that certain drugs are bad for erection, such as beta-blockers, antidepressants and drugs for prostate reduction.

Neurological Causes: Examples of neurological causes that can cause erectile dysfunction are multiple sclerosis and spinal cord injury.

Surgery or radiation: After surgery or radiation for colon or prostate cancer, erectile dysfunction is more common.

Abnormal anatomy: An abnormal anatomy of the penis can be a narrowed foreskin or an unnatural curvature of the penis. This can make intercourse painful and unpleasant.

Hormone abnormalities: Hormonal problems can also cause a decreased sex drive. Hormonal abnormalities can be congenital or develop at an advanced age.

Psychological causes:

Erectile dysfunction often has a psychological cause. Worry, stress or just a busy life can have a major influence on the erection or its maintenance. If it didn’t work once, the next time all attention may be focused on the erection instead of the pleasure. As a result, there is insufficient arousal, so that the erection disappears quickly or does not start at all.

One can end up in a negative spiral and develop fear of failure. Emotional trauma, depression and relationship problems can also be factors for erection problems.

Different treatment options:

Several treatments are possible. The doctor will discuss with you what is possible for you.

Psychological or sexological help:

In this treatment, attention is paid to the possible psychological and relational causes of the erection problems and the way in which you and your partner deal with it. There are different forms: individual therapy, group therapy and couples therapy. This last form, in which the partner is closely involved in the treatment, is especially widely used, viagra is best for treatment for erection.

 During treatment, ways are sought to change the stalled sexual behavior. Under the guidance of a sex therapist, you can learn to break this vicious circle, so that making love becomes relaxed and enjoyable again. The conversations with the sexologist will discuss how you communicate with your partner.


Usually one starts with potency pills such as Viagra, Cialis or Levitra. You can read how to use these medicines in this leaflet .

 vacuum pump:

The vacuum pump is a plastic cylinder that is slid around the penis and then vacuumed. This ‘sucks’ the blood into the erectile tissues of the penis. If the rubber band that wraps around the cylinder is slipped around the base of the penis, the penis can remain erect. The vacuum pump is for sale in sex shops or through the medical industry (websites, pharmacy). The nurse who explains how the pump works can advise you on this.


An erection can be induced by injecting the penis with drugs that cause the blood vessels to widen and the muscles in the erectile tissues of the penis to relax. This causes more blood to flow into the cavernous bodies, which can cause an erection.

 This treatment can be considered if medication does not give you sufficient results. The specialized nurse will teach you to prepare and inject the injections. We start with a low dose and then determine the right amount. This is not the same for everyone. An erection lasting more than four hours can compromise the normal blood supply to the penis. You must then contact the hospital.

penile prosthesis:

This surgical procedure is only performed in a few centers in the Netherlands and is preceded by an extensive selection procedure. We do not perform this procedure at the Albert Schweitzer hospital. If you qualify, we will refer you to a specialized center.

After treatment

There is often something that can be done about erectile dysfunction. The effect of tablets is good for more than eighty percent of the men. If you too had a good effect, next time you can cut the tablet in half and use half. Often half a tablet already gives sufficient effect.