Eyewear Tips for the Summer

Always Keep Sunglasses in Your Car

Summer time is sunglass time. It’s always best to have a pair with, especially when you are driving. That’s why you should keep an extra pair of your sunglasses in your car says https://theeyemanoptical.com . Here are some other places to keep extra sunglasses this summer:

  • Keep a pair in your purse
  • Keep a pair by your pool
  • Keep a pair on your desk

Sunglasses are a must during the summer, so don’t be caught without them. 

Wear Fun Frames for a Beachy Look

The summer is the ideal time to enjoy some fun fashion trends. Here are some sunglass frame ideas to try this summer:

  • Get a colorful pair: Opt for pinks, purples, blues, and greens. This is the time to be bold and colorful. Electric colors are a must. 
  • Get a patterned pair: Try fun patterns like zig zags, butterflies, polka dots, or any other fun patterns. These fun patterns are a summer must. 

Summer time is the time to try on fun fashion accessories, sunglasses be your thing. They are affordable so it’s easy to get more than one pair. Go nuts, and buy one for each day of the week. 

Keep Eyeglass Wipes With You

The heat of the summer causes sweat, which is why you need to carry eyeglass wipes with you. You simply can’t go without them. Sweat on your eyeglasses is a no no, since you won’t be able to see with them. Just keep them in your bag. You can easily get these wipes from an optical shop. During the peak temperatures of the summer you’ll be glad you have wipes for your eyeglasses. You’ll have a quick way to dry off your glasses without scratching them. Remember, your shirt will cause scratched on your lenses, so don’t use your clothes to wipe them. 

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