Getting Ready for First Time Sex

If you are nervous for your first sex, it is the normal state that you are in. We have known no one who walks into their first time sex all composed and confident. It is for the best if you acknowledge your anxiety and prepare yourself for your first time leaving room for awkwardness.

Do not forget that sex is supposed to be an intimate activity that will only bring you and your partner closer than ever. Some experts say that it is for best that you indulge into self-exploration before real sex. That way you can be more aware about your likes and dislikes and derive most pleasure despite a few awkward moments. Here are some tips from experts and sexologists that you can use when getting ready for your first time sex:

  • Communicate to your partner that it is your first time

Your partner never expects you to share your comprehensive sexual history but telling them that it is your first time will only ease out things for you. If you feel misjudged for not having done it ever before, then it certainly is not the kind of partner you want to have it with. In fact, opening about it will only facilitate you mentally and physically.

  • Make sure you use a condom

Condoms are not only for preventing pregnancy but they also have utility in protecting you from STDs. You can even look forward to using condoms as a fun sexual activity like asking your partner to put it on for you as a act of foreplay. Some condoms like dotted or textured condoms are lined with lubricants which ensures less friction and more pleasure. If you find yourself hesitant you may buy condom online.

  • Wait for an enthusiastic consent

Sex is something that is supposed to bring you closer to your partner. Many sex therapists have reiterated that it takes a toll on your mental health if you go for sex when you are not enthusiastically ready for it. Pressurising your partner into saying yes will only push them away.

  • Do not set unrealistic standards

Trying difficult positions even if you are flexible and excited might not only make it awkward but can also be painful. Therefore, it is necessary that you set your own pace of exploration. Expecting your first sex to be a magical and surreal experience is setting a bar too high. Make sexual exploration fun and not the mission to make it perfect.

  • Go for a lot of foreplay

A lot of foreplay can be your way to maximise pleasure and even reach orgasm. Although, you should not be worry too much about orgasms and other milestones in your first sex. But the rule of foreplay remains valid for it will help your first time be only more sensual, intimate and comfortable. The plus point is that the more you are aroused, the more is the pleasure.

In short, be safe and have fun is the last but an important piece of advice from us to you.