How Phosphorus Makes Managing Your COVID-19 Risk Easier

The coronavirus pandemic has been the main talking point of 2020. One of the things that people have worried about since the start is testing. Phosphorus Diagnostics has been working very hard to create a more efficient testing kit for people. They have also worked with providers to create apps that can work with this kit. The level of innovation has been amazing since it has taken them only a few months to create this kit.

The Current Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the healthcare industry and the world as a whole. The main concern is that this is a deadly virus with the potential to kill millions of people. It has also resulted in lockdowns and other measures by governments to stop the spread more quickly. This pandemic has shown how quickly a country can test the majority of its population. Good testing is the key to a better future in this respect. The countries that will perform the best are the ones with testing infrastructure.

The Need for Testing

When it comes to testing, there are certain things that countries have gotten wrong. There are many tests, but they all require someone to go to a laboratory to get one. As of yet, it has not been possible to take a test in your own home. This is the main stumbling block for people looking to get a test to see if they have the virus or not.

There is also the problem of false positives. The current tests give off many false positives, which can be frightening to the population. This false positive problem can cause unnecessary measures to be taken. You must also balance the economic damage that comes from locking down the country during this pandemic with the health risk of having people exposed to the virus. Testing is the main thing that helps alleviate these big problems. When a country can test its entire population often, you will know that we have reached a new level with this virus. It means that the measures are working.

New Saliva Test Kit

Phosphorus genomics has made a major innovation with its ability to test from home. This is the biggest breakthrough so far for fighting this pandemic. A saliva test allows you to simply spit in a small container and send it off to the lab. You never need to leave the comfort of your own home, and there is a connected app, as well. The main benefit of this is that it gives you an accurate test result without having to leave home. Now, people who test positive don’t need to go out and infect others just to get tested. It also means that people who would have tested themselves in public can focus on staying home and avoiding unnecessary risks. This innovative technology will be crucial to fighting the virus going forward.

Phosphorus Is Creating New Ways to Test

Phosphorus has been great about working on this new test. It is a major breakthrough in healthcare and will be important in fighting this disease. Phosphorus is also partnering with other companies to make this test easier to get. You will see many people getting tested to see if they have the virus or not, and this will help bring the death rate down. It will also make everyone safer since we will know whether the majority of people are sick or not. Another benefit is that this test returns a result in 72 hours or fewer.

About Phosphorus Genomics

Phosphorus focuses on using DNA testing and genomics to solve the world’s biggest health problems. They create amazing DNA testing kits that make everything easy for you. You can learn about your lineage, your ancestry, your health, and more with Phosphorus.