How to get pregnant if you are facing conceiving naturally

If you’ve been trying to conceive but have been unsuccessful, you may be wondering, “Why can’t I become pregnant?” Usually, a lot of myths start emerging in your mind. But, in reality, there are a series of reasons why one is finding it difficult to conceive. Not just this, there are safe ways that can help in conceiving. Out of different ways, one such safe way to conceive is an IVF treatment. There are so many IVF centers in Kolkata that specialize in In Vitro Fertilization that can help you with it.

An IVF treatment can help you conceive, and here are some reasons why you might be facing infertility and IVF can help you out. However, the IVF Treatment cost varies across cities and fertility centers. Hence, couples should research well and then go for treatment. Read the article further to know in detail about how to get pregnant if you are facing problems in conceiving naturally and what tips to follow for the same.

Reasons behind facing problems in conceiving naturally and how IVF helps in solving it

  1. Damage or Blockage in Fallopian Tube 

If there is any blockage or damage in the fallopian tube, it will be challenging for an egg to get fertilised or move the embryo toward the uterus. Hence, IVF treatment is done to bypass the reproductive function. A surgical procedure takes place wherein the eggs are extracted and fertilised in a controlled environment along with the sperm.

  1. Genetic condition: 

If either your spouse or you are prone to passing a genetic problem to your child, then there might be a requirement to undergo IVF-based preimplantation genetic testing. Once the eggs are extracted, retrieved, and fertilised, they are observed for genetic issues or in case there is any probability of such development.

  1. Impairment of sperm function or production:

If there is a low sperm concentration or abnormality in the size of sperm or there is poor sperm mobility, then, in that case, it might become difficult for the sperm to fertilise the eggs. In that case, the couple has to visit an infertility specialist who will do a proper examination and then accordingly prescribe the treatment. Usually, in such cases, couples are asked to visit IVF centers in Kolkata or the one in the nearby vicinity.

  1. In case of Cancer or other medical conditions:

In case either of the spouses is undergoing cancer treatment, then this would affect fertility. This is because undergoing chemotherapy or

radiation is in itself a very difficult process. Radiation and chemotherapy largely impact the fertilization process. In such a situation, IVF treatment is the only way to conceive. However, if the partners are willing to go for an IVF in this situation, then it is best advised to remove the eggs from the ovaries and get them stored in a frozen environment. Later, in the future, these eggs can be used for conceiving.

Tips for couples who are failing to conceive naturally 

  • Always track and monitor the ovulation period
  • Maintain a healthy weight as per the BMI
  • Eat healthy and do regular yoga or exercises
  • Follow a healthy lifestyle
  • Go for regular body check-ups, especially after your 30s

IVF is normally highly safe, and most people who have it have no difficulties with their health or pregnancy. The problem arises at places with less experience; at the IVF centre in Kolkata you don’t have to worry about that as your safety comes first, and the centre has highly experienced doctors in the field to ensure a successful pregnancy.