Is Vaping Weed Safer Than Smoking It?

According to research, more than 50% of the people who use cannabis prefer vaping to smoking. Most of them believe that vaping is far safer for the lungs compare to smoking. Others believe that vaping provides more effective than smoking. However, how safe is vaping weed. Before we dive into the reasons why vaping weed is better than smoking, let’s look at different ways of vaping.

There are three major forms of vaping, and you are likely to come across one of them. Remember, you can easily buy your vape pen from a recreational dispensary near you. Here are three formats of vaporizers.

Wax Pens

A wax pen is made of three chambers, the atomizer, battery, and mouthpiece. It uses wax extracted from the plant. This wax is highly concentrated and contains more potency compared to oil and herb. You will need to buy the wax separately from the atomizer, and even if it is a bit expensive, it is better for achieving the effects quickly.

Oil Pens

For this type of vaporizer, the oil is extracted from the plant and put in the pen. Carrier oils are removed, and this is why oil has low potency compared to wax. However, you can still get the best THC oils.

Herb Vaporizers

These vaporizers use dry herbs. The herb is added to the chamber and heated up to the right temperature. You will find a section where you can regulate the temperature.

Why is Vaping Better?

Medical and recreational cannabis can be consumed in different ways. You can smoke, eat, or vape. So, why is vaping a better option than smoking?

  • Ease of Use

A vaporizer is easy to use. You only need to follow the steps, and you are good to go. It produces less mess, and you don’t need anything extra. The only thing you need is to make sure the vaporizer is loaded with your preferred product and charged.

  • Affordable

Even though purchasing a vaporizer from a dispensary in Las Vegas can be costly, the long-term cost is low compared to using other products for smoking. Moreover, its concentrates will last longer compared to combusting the herb. In short, vaporizing is way cheaper and affordable compared to smoking.

  • Less Waste

If you want to achieve your desired level of “high” you need to smoke quite some amount of weed. However, with a vaporizer, it is easy to achieve the results you desire. The doses are potent, and you only need to inhale less. This leaves more cannabis for the next time you want to get high.

  • Less Smell

Cannabis produces a certain smell, and not everyone is comfortable with that. On the other hand, vaporizers are able to reduce the smell. Consider that most of them come in different flavors. So, even though they are not odorless, they produce less smell, and you can comfortably use them around other people.

  • Clean Hit

When smoking weed, you cannot get 100% clean smoke. There are different elements that affect the quality of smoke. The case is different from a vaporizer. The vapor has few toxins, and the smoke is purer compared to combusting.


These are clear reasons why vaping is better compared to smoking. It is less wasteful, less smelly, and affordable. Furthermore, the potency is higher, and the vape is purer compared to the smoke.