Looking for Hair Transplant - Know Which Hair Restoration Technique Is Best

Humans have been facing hair loss problem right from their inception. In fact, baldness is one of the scariest things that can happen to any man nowadays.

But, how come baldness has become such a threat? This is because baldness not only removes hair from the scalp, but it also lowers the confidence and self-esteem of the person.

In 20th century, good looks and beautiful appearance is not only desired by women, but men also. In modern era, men have become more and more inclined towards good appearance and have started taking care of every aspect of their health.

So, what can be done if a man starts facing the problem of hair loss, which starts damaging not only his looks but confidence level as well? For such problem, hair transplant surgery is not only the best solution, but it also delivers permanent results.

Today, we will discuss various types of hair restoration techniques that can work wonders for you and can deliver top-notch solutions.

  • FUT (Follicular Unit Transplant)

FUT has a reputation as a reliable, cost-effective and result-oriented procedure. For many years surgeons have been offering FUT restoration surgery to cure baldness in men and women.

It’s quite popular type of transplant, which is often chosen by people having low budget and wish to get rid of the baldness. Also known as strip method, FUT has been around for a long time.

In Follicular Unit Transplant, a small strip of hair is extracted from the back of the scalp. The reason for taking hair from the back of the head is that it’s an area where hair loss problem rarely occurs. The hair thinning issue often develops at the top of the scalp and not at the back. After the strip is extracted, the grafts are taken and implanted into the bald area. Sutures or staples are then used to seal the donor area on the scalp. The sutures or staples get dissolve or removed from the scalp in a few days.

The donor area will have a small scar; however, this can be covered by growing hair in the adjacent area. The recovery rate depends on your health condition and various other factors as well. Healing can be done from a week to a month.

  • FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction)

FUE is not only the latest technique, but it’s in fact the most trusted, less invasive and highly advanced procedure that can get hair back on your head.

In Follicular Unit Extraction, every single follicle is extracted individually by the surgeon from the back and sides of your scalp. After that every single follicle is transplanted carefully into the scalp by the surgeon. One of the best things about FUE is that it doesn’t involve any deep cut in the scalp like any other restoration procedure. Being a minimal invasive hair transplant makes it highly recommended by most of the surgeons in Mumbai, India.

  • A Revision/Rectifying Treatment for Botched Transplants

In these types of transplant, surgeons offer their services to improve the condition of a badly performed hair transplant treatment. Now, there a lot of people who make a mistake of getting a hair transplant without doing any research. Without any research of knowledge in this area, many patients visit an inexperienced surgeon who often delivers unsatisfactory results. Such botched hair transplant can be rectified at Harleys Clinic in Mumbai which provides the best hair transplant in Mumbai.

For that you need to find a renowned Mumbai based hair transplant surgeon, who can offer solutions for the botched surgeries.

Visiting an Experienced Surgeon – To ensure that the entire transplant surgery goes well and desired results are achieved, you need to visit and experienced surgeon.

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