Oral Care Tips: How Do You Protect Your Child's Teeth In This Festive Season

From parties to treats, festivals to celebration and cooking together, this festive season will revolve around good food and so many sweets. During this holiday season, it might be impossible to keep your kids away from the sweets. Here are a few oral tips that you should consider to limit the candy consumption of your kids to prevent tooth decay and keep your child’s teeth healthy and happy.

Though there could be plentiful sweet options, you cannot afford the threat of tummy aches and cavities to ruin your celebration. With some extra carefulness and a few ground rules, you can make your holidays fun-filled and healthy not just for you but for your whole family. Here are a few things you need to take care of as suggested by pediatrics dentists Mckinney:

Inspect the loot: Whenever your child returns from a party or treat, make sure you get a first look at the haul. While checking the bag, give them a piece or two to enjoy. Get everything else out of their bag from tampered wrappers to potential allergens and choking hazards.

Limit Their Candy Consumption: You can ask your child to sort the sweets into piles depending on the type like gummies, chocolate, and hard candy. Tell them to form small bags and create candy rations. Make sure you decide how often your child can enjoy a treat. Sore the candy out of their sight.

Make A Healthier Snacking For Your Child: You must permit candy consumption only during mealtime as extra saliva helps to wash away food particles from teeth. Fruits and vegetables can also help remove gummy treats from fissures in the teeth. When eating hard candies, you must have your child drink water to help occasionally rinse the sugar from their teeth.

Make An Offer: If your child has got more candy than they will ever be able to eat, it’s time to make an offer. You can make them buy a new toy, colors, or movie tickets in exchanging those candies. The best way to deal with this situation is that taking their attention off that giant bag of candy.

Prioritize Oral Health: Be careful about oral care during this festive season. Help your child appropriately brush their teeth. Create their routine of brushing twice a day, especially at the end of each day to remove sugary build-up. Also, make them use floss once a day to remove debris that might stick between teeth.

Some Great Candy Replacements For Festivals This Year

Fruits and veggies: Many individually-wrapped fruits and vegetable snack packs are available in many grocery stores. Get them to encourage dental health and give a break to your child from a bag of syrupy sweet candy.

Dairy products: The dairy products offer pre-packaged treats that go easy on your teeth. Yogurt tubes are available in a variety of flavors and provide essential nutrients.

Chewing gum: Sugar-free gum is a great alternative to traditional festival candy. Get them today!