Signs of Menopause

Menopause is a point of time when a woman stops getting periods and will not be able to become pregnant naturally. The term ‘Menopause’ can be described as the changes you go through when you stop having your menstrual cycles, thus marking the end of your reproductive years. This menopausal transition begins between the age of 45 to 55. During the transition, ovaries can no longer release eggs every month, and as result, menstruation stops. The ovaries are also responsible for making hormones like estrogen and progesterone. These control the menstrual cycle, and the release of eggs called ovulation.

Most women suffer a lot in this Menopause phase,  such as the bones start becoming less dense, making the woman more vulnerable to fractures. During menopause, some women may gain weight more easily because, during this time, the body starts using energy differently. Thus making the body fat and swollen.

Indications and signs of menopause:

  • Irregular period- It is a sign that you are in your Menopause phase. Your periods during this time might come less often, be heavier or lighter, or last longer or shorter than before. It’s hard to get pregnant during this phase, but there is still a possibility as long as you have periods. It is very difficult to tell when you will get the next period in the perimenopause phase. It is also challenging to tell for how long your period will last.

  • Hot Flashes and Sweats in Night- This could make you feel hot suddenly without any reason. In some of the cases, the heart starts beating faster and the skin may become red. Night sweats are also hot flashes that happen particularly during sleeping. These symptoms may vary in some of the cases. You may suffer hot flashes for years or decades after you have stopped getting periods, often called postmenopause.

  • Trouble Sleeping- This is the general symptom a woman faces during the menopause phase.

  • Mood Swings- A lot of women face mood swings and other related symptoms in their life. This might occur during your menopause phase too, because of the change in the hormone. The symptoms may worsen if you ever had anxiety or depression in the past. You should visit a doctor to have proper treatment for the same because you deserve to be in a good mood.

  • Forget things easily- Forgetfulness happens with both genders. For example, when you are not able to think of a word and sometimes you may forget important things such as car keys or documents at home. It’s a common sign, which could happen due to menopause or also because of stress.

So these were the signs of Menopause that you need to know. Furthermore, if you face any difficulties, it’s suggested to visit a gynecologist.