Signs That You Have the Flu

Before you know it, the winter months will be upon us again and that means that lots of us may come down with a case of the flu. If you have never had the flu before you may be unsure of whether this is what you have or if you have something else. In this situation, the best thing that you can do is speak to online doctor who can provide you with a proper diagnosis. However, until you do this, we have below for you some of the most common symptoms people tend to experience when they have the flu.

Sore Throat

One of the first symptoms that you may experience when you have the flu is a sore throat. This is something that can come on gradually and you may not think much of it at first. This can then also develop into quite a bad, chesty cough.

Feeling Exhausted

Another major tell-tale sign that you have the flu is feeling extremely tired and exhausted. If you haven’t felt too good at work and have went straight to your bed after coming home, then chances are it is the flu that you have and not a common cold.

Aching Body

Along with feeling exhausted, many people report having an aching body. The flu tends to make people feel very weak and as though your bones are aching.


You won’t just have an aching body when you have the flu, you will also experience headaches. These can be extremely painful and are enough to send you to your bed along with the exhaustion.

Loss of Appetite

When you have the flu, many people will be advising you to stick to soup and warm drinks. This is because when you have the flu, you can experience a loss of appetite, however, it is important that you keep your energy levels up with nutritious foods.

Sudden Fever

When you have the flu, you will tend to find that you are fine one minute and then have come down with a sudden fever the next. This is not something that is common with a cold and is a sure sign that you most likely have the flu.

 How You Can Treat the Flu

If you have the flu, there are some measures that you can take by yourself to try and help the recovery process along. The main thing is to get plenty of rest and sleep as this will give your body the time that it needs to recover. You will also need to make sure that you are keeping warm and that you are drinking plenty of water as you will need to ensure that you avoid dehydration. It is also a good idea to take paracetamol or ibuprofen as this can help to treat any aches and pains and it will also help to lower your temperature. Follow these top tips to try and cure your flu in the quickest possible time. 

Image: Pixabay.