The Delray Beach Outpatient Program

The journey to complete recovery is never easy. With Delray Beach, you are not alone. We give the most secure and kindest surrounding that makes it simpler for you or your loved one to experience the smoothest wellness. Our outpatient programs in Delray Beach, FL entirely target those who are done with inpatient cures and are interested in other care. You can live without our premises and comfortably join all the programs we offer from wherever you are for around five days a week, few hours daily. Whether it is alcohol or general drug addiction, we fully support you and minimize the chances of reversions. Delray Beach gives the most productive care you can ever ask for, from therapy sessions to group work activities. Outpatient services bear several merits:

Family visits

The presence of family during this critical phase of life is very supportive. At Delray, we allow the family to visit their loved ones and, in the process, learn a lot about addiction and how to care for them and be aware of the adjustments needed around them.


Our services cut across all social access and make it possible for everyone to enrol in our programs. Whether you are taking care of your payment as an individual, using insurances or other payment methods, you will all receive the same care without having any monetary concerns. We do understand that majority of the money earned all through mainly purchase drugs. That is why we have the perfect financial plan for all.


We understand that this type of care is time-sensitive. As a result, we ensure that we have the most accessible services and that accommodate the highest amount of people and at the same time provide the best care to them all. It is evident that deciding upon outpatient services, especially for substance abuse people, is enormous, and we tend to have a 24/7 system that can receive them anytime.


A significant scare to most patients is the idea that they will be away from their loved ones for such a long time, which convinces them to hold back. With us, however, you have the freedom to go on with work, family time, and other personal activities. We schedule our hours to be all through the week but few hours daily. You will be in your beds every night, go to work the following day or even attend that Literature lecture you love and at the same time recovering every minute.

Sense of belonging

We have group therapies where you meet various people who are going through the same struggle as yours. This makes you feel that you are not alone in this and when experiences are shared, you learn that you can do better every day.

With the best interest at heart, we hold you and your family’s hand as you embark on this innovative life. This will help you find yourself again and eventually find the purpose of life. Remember, with Delray Beach, and life is beautiful no matter what happens.