The difference between hookah tobacco and cigarette tobacco

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Healthier enjoyment with hookah filters 

Do you want to inhale fewer harmful substances, but maintain the pleasure of smoking? A hookah filter offers the solution. When using a hookah or cigarette, the filter will remove as many harmful components as possible. In addition to tar, the filter also removes several toxins released when the coals are burned. Thus, the hookah filter makes smoking a lot less harmful to your health! All of this without compromising on the enjoyment or taste of smoking.

The filter

The filter is about 13 centimeters long. That may sound rather long, but it gives it a stylish look. The filter can be used in different ways. 


Hookah filters reduce harmful substances when shisha smoking. About 80% of the tar is stopped. This depends on the type of tobacco you use. The filter can be used for 2 to 4 hours while smoking the hookah. Also, the filter can be used between the water pipe hose and the shaft. In addition, the filter can be used as a mouthpiece on the bong hose. Please note that the filter does not fit the hoses of all shishas.


The name of the filter may not give it away, but hookah filters can also be used for cigarettes. Even with cigarettes, the filter will block up to 80% of the tar. Please note that the filters are only suitable for “regular” cigarettes, so not special “thin” cigarettes. One filter can be used for about 40 cigarettes.

Taste and pleasure remain the same

An important advantage with both hookahs and cigarettes is that the taste or enjoyment will not change by using hookah filters. 

In short, hookah filters offer a great solution if you want to continue to enjoy tobacco while paying a little more attention to your health.