The Signs You May Have an Alcohol Problem

Most of us probably drink alcohol from time to time. It’s socially accepted and commonplace in restaurants, bars and even movie theaters. But when is a drink a problem? And what might the signs be that enjoying a drink is turning into a dependency on alcohol?

We’ve taken a look:

You Drink Every Single Day

If you can’t get through a single day without having a drink it could be an issue. And actually, this is something that could happen without you even realising it. A glass of wine the odd evening can easily turn into one a day. And health experts recommend you should have 2 alcohol free days each week as a minimum.

So if you find yourself drinking daily and struggling to stop, this could be a sign that you are alcohol dependant.

You Drink Even If You’re Driving

If you drink and then get behind the wheel, you put your own life and the lives of others at risk.

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If you find that you start to not care about whether you’re drinking and driving or find that you can’t stop even despite having to drive it could be an indicator of a dependency on alcohol.

You Drink When You’re Working

Another time people would generally not be drinking is while working. And if you find that you need to drink while working, it’s a possible indicator of a dependency on alcohol.

You Find You Depend on Alcohol Emotionally

We all have different coping mechanisms when things in our lives don’t go the way we like. Look at 2020, for example. Huge parts of the world spent months in lockdown as the result of coronavirus and many people drank more while stuck at home. But if you find you instantly turn to alcohol the moment you are upset or down, it could be an indicator of an emotional reliance on alcohol that could become a problem later on.

You Just Can’t Stop

If you wake up needing a drink or find yourself needing a drink at any point in the day, it might be time to be honest with yourself. If you are physically or emotionally craving alcohol to the point where you cannot do without it, could this be a sign of a dependency emerging?

What do to about it

If you are concerned that you have an alcohol dependency, there are a host of places and helplines you can get support. A good first port of call is your Doctor/GP. They should be able to advise on what to do next and help with referrals to the appropriate supporting services.

It’s a difficult thing to admit to yourself and an even more difficult thing to change. But if you do feel you are becoming dependant upon alcohol, seeking help could be a positive change on your life.