Things to See and Do in Reno

When we talk of Reno, most people think of gambling and divorce. But, the city has much more to offer. It’s a popular destination in Nevada that boasts multiple attractions. That’s not all, though! Reno is famous for its vibrant nightlife, fine restaurants, and rich culture. If you’re touring for the first time, your options are endless. There’s much to do and see as you take a spin around the enchanting city.

Check out things to do and see in Reno:

  1. Tour cannabis stores

Nevada legalized recreational cannabis in 2017. Both Nevada residents and tourists can purchase cannabis legally. If you’re 21 years and above with a valid ID, you’re eligible to buy recreational cannabis. When I visited Reno for the first time, I noticed that most cannabis dispensaries near me stock different products. These range from edibles, oils, tinctures, vapes, and more.

  1. Attend a live concert

Most parts of Reno, particularly the downtown host live music concerts. There are multiple clubs at the end of Fourth street, and you can savor few drinks and you relax and listen to the soothing tunes. Also, most casinos host live music, ranging from crooners on the gambling floor to casts in the showrooms. Most clubs in the city offer elaborate drinks and wine bar settings, and the Silver peak brewery maker the best beer in the state.

  1. Watch your favorite game.

There are various sports teams in Reno. The most popular are basketball teams and a women’s roller derby team. The city is also home to a bowling stadium that hosts US bowling congress open championships every three years.

You can watch your favorite game at the Reno Events Center. What if I want to achieve some form of high and you enjoy the matches? You can always check out what the nearby marijuana dispensary has to offer!

  1. 4. Tour the Animal Ark

Reno is a great destination for animal lovers. The Ark is a rescue and rehabilitation center for various exotic animals. The animal collection is diverse and features tortoises, cheetahs, wolves, bears, and many more. The Ark welcomes thousands of tourists each year for educational trips. Many people tour this place to learn about animal rehabilitation and ecological principles.

  1. Visit lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe is a popular attraction in Reno, Nevada. It’s famous for its sparkling beauty and the clarity of its waters. If you want to watch the stunning view of the Nevada mountains, Lake Tahoe is the place to be. It’s the highest lake of its size in the US and boasts 12 miles long. It’s near the Reno dispensary, popularly known as the Mynt, Mount Rose, and the Incline village.

  1. Nevada Art Museum

The Nevada museum is one of the leading museums in the state. It features unique collections and travel exhibitions. You’ll get the works of E.L. Wiegand and the Sierra Nevada/Great Basin works and a collection of photos on human interaction with the natural world.

The bottom line

Reno is a beautiful city worth touring. It attracts visitors from all over the globe, thanks to its many attractions. It’s also favorite among cannabis smokers and gamblers. The city has legalized recreational weed, and you learn more about the different marijuana products from the weed dispensaries available.