Tips to Your Practice Starting Telehealth Medicine

Now is the best time to make changes to your medical practice. We have made a handy checklist to help introduce your practice to a world of technology by adding telehealth medicine to your practice.

  • The first thing to do when adding telehealth services to your medical practice is to set clear goals and a vision for change. This means you want to look to improve your revenue, customer service satisfaction, staff satisfaction, and all things that are important to make for a successful medical practice.
  • Next up, tell the staff! You always want to involve all of your staff of all the changes and let them know right away of your plans. This is going to be a big impact on everyone, so give them helpful resources to help them adjust and be mindful that this might be challenging and take some time.
  • Learn about the regulations in your state. The world of telehealth is a different world, and still needs to adhere to HIPPA and meet all healthcare regulations. Each state may have different regulations, so always become familiar with federal and state regulations. Also, be aware of “parity” laws, which involves reimbursement for remote appointments.
  • When setting up a telemedicine practice, make sure to look for one that is HIPPA compliant. You also want to find one that is easy to integrate with your current medical system and practice. The biggest factors are safety and user-friendly. The telehealth platform must be secure, easy to use, and efficient – for staff and patients.
  • Always ask for feedback from patients and employees. You want everyone to be satisfied, and feedback can be extremely valuable. It is also very beneficial to speak with other medical practices that offer telehealth and consider their recommendations.

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