Top Strategies To Stay Free from Drugs and Substances

Getting out of addiction is a long-term process. However, recovery is possible with determination and finding the root cause of the problem. Also, try to develop an addiction-free lifestyle at work, home, and during vacations.

Proven Ways to Beat Addiction

Physical Activities

Studies show that exercises help to reduce depression, stress, loneliness, and anxiety. These are some of the circumstances that push a person back to addiction. You can start with simple exercises such as walking.

Avoid Triggers

Patients have triggers that tempt them to get back to addiction. It can be a place, person, season, or hobby. It is important to be conscious and get rid of them. Cut ties with your drinking friends, avoid visiting certain streets or going for vacations. This will help you live an addiction-free life.

Give Back

This is one of the best ways to live an addiction-free life. You can volunteer and educate addicts on the dangers of addiction through real-life stories. After helping a person out of addiction, the fulfillment you get will motivate you to remain sober and be a good example.


It is important to love yourself and take good care of your body, mind, and soul. Let your image reflect a changed person. Also, practice positive talk and focus on wins instead of dwelling on your failures. This will help you stay strong and determined in your sobriety journey.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

It is common for cravings to arise. CBT helps to redirect a person’s attention to something else until the craving vanishes. View more and get other ideas on different therapies that prevent relapse.

Get a New Hobby

Your previous hobbies likely led you to addiction. So, it is important to adopt a new hobby such as sports, reading, cooking, and gardening, among others. Hobbies keep you engaged, motivated and assist in gaining self–esteem.

Join a Support Group

Self-help groups such as Alcohol Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous are free to join. You can also join other support groups in your place. Most recovering addicts are shy from such groups, but they are the best since they offer sober interactions and guidance on sober living. Some groups also equip their members with financial assistance.

List down the Effects of Addiction

This may be the most difficult exercise. Noting down what you’ve been through and seeing the list often can help you change for good. Take some time and compare life with sobriety. The truth is, drug-free life is better than living with addiction.

Make a Schedule and Stick to it

Idleness contributes greatly to addiction. So, develop a structured daily schedule and follow it daily. This strategy will ensure you are busy with activities that add value to your life. Ask for guidance from your counselors on how to make a good timetable.

Looking for New Friends

There is no way you can keep your old friends and remain sober. They will always pull you back to addiction. So, be close with sober friends and family members. Sober people will protect you from relapsing and appreciate any progress you make.

Seek Help

Breaking from addiction is not easy. There are times the urge to go back when addiction will creep in, and maybe you find yourself relapsing. That is normal, but you mustn’t dwell in there. Look for help and get your life back on track.

Everybody has made mistakes in the past, and addiction is one of the problems many people are fighting. Living under the influence of drugs and alcohol is devastating, but you can decide to live a sober life again with the guidance of the strategies mentioned above.