Why Laser Hair Removal Is Better Than Waxing?

In the past, the most common facial and body hair reduction technique was waxing, since it lasts longer than shaving or creams and only has to be performed every few weeks. But it also involves painful ingrown, red bumps and lumps, skin pulling and may be timely and pricey!

What safer way to extract laser hair than waxing?

We’ll tell you about it!

Laser hair removal kills the hair follicle, such that it can never develop back and contributes to silky smooth, hair free skin permanently, unlike waxing that takes hair out of the root just to grow back again!

How waxing works?

The hair waxing method is very quick. You can extract hair from everywhere on your body in seconds, with some hot wax, an applicator, and a cloth strip.

An applicator is required to adhere the wax to the skin in the direction of the hair development. Then a cloth strip, like muslin, is placed on top and smoothed in the same direction as the hair development. The final move includes cutting the muslin strip in the opposite direction of the hair development from the face.

The Waxing Cons:

Waxing’s main downside is that consequences are just immediate. After two to six weeks or so, the hair will be primed for waxing again. And if waxing is going to be your go-to option to handle your excessive hair, it isn’t a smart idea to shave in between treatments. To do its job, the wax needs hair to hold onto, so you need to let it develop out a little each time. That means you’re going to need to let it get a little hairy until your next session.

Since the hair starts coming back, you’ll need to stick to waxing for a lifetime.

How does laser hair removal work?

Laser hair reduction operates by piercing the skin shooting at the hair shaft and killing the follicle. Your excessive hair is eliminated forever.

One of the procedures that both consumers claim they wish they had performed years earlier is IPL hair reduction. Typically it only requires 6 to 8 sessions and the effect is a noticeable decrease in excessive hair. Laser treatment does not harm the dermis but may handle for those with delicate skin.

Unlike waxing hair reduction, laser hair removal is done easily. For most particular areas of the face and body it only requires around 5 to 40 minutes a session, as compared to waxing which may last up to an hour.

Waxing may also cause painful and unsightly ingrown hairs that no one likes to touch! Taking and attempting to kill them is often enticing, which would often contribute to scarring. Laser hair removal generates no incubated hairs and it actually kills them and stops them from returning.

How Strong and Superior is Laser than Wax?

For Longer, Hair Free:

Actually, waxing has always given exciting removal that requires 3 to 6 weeks to complete. However, your hair development will be almost as sluggish after you have finished about 3-4 sessions of laser, and you would be glad to know that it returns thinner and patchier. The development comes back with waxing, much as it was before the elimination.

Laser hair reduction, you can note, is more like a hair care than reduction. But if you have a hot date set, you won’t be left with a smooth finish by testing out your first laser session the day before. Development will also come in for the first ten days following therapy, so throughout your laser treatments you need to shave in.

Laser hair removal is the safest option when it comes to eliminating undesired hair. It’s a long-term, much less damaging option than waxing.

If you’re vulnerable to incarnated hair, this is the only strategy you can choose, since the hair follicle is absolutely killed. If the follicle is dead, you will never have to think about those pesky, uncomfortable incubated hairs.