4 Signs You Are Suffering from An Addiction

Reluctant to admit to yourself that you have a problem? These five common signs of addiction could lead you towards getting help.

People who are suffering from addictions don’t always know that that’s the case. Commonly, it is our loved ones that alert us to the fact that we are not behaving as we probably should. Often, we will push those loved ones away in protest. Addiction ends up becoming a very isolating incident within your life. If you push those people away, they can’t tell you that you’re wrong and that’s the sorry truth of it all.

If you’ve done any of the following things or experienced these 4 signs in your day to day life, then you should check yourself. It’s possible you have a brewing addiction and may need to get some help.

The Four Signs the Addiction Has A Grip On You

If these four things sound too familiar, it might be time to get help. You can reach out for rehab support through the Help4addiction website. They offer a free consultation service, which can help you choose a rehab clinic from throughout the UK.

1 – You hide your drug or alcohol use

If you are hiding the amount of alcohol you drink or the number of drugs you take from your loved ones, you are in danger. Hiding the volume or true quantity of how much you take is a sure way of saying that you are ashamed. If you are ashamed of the volume of alcohol you drink or the number of drugs that you take, you must think about why that might be. Is it because you have trauma associated with being told you’re taking too much? Or is it because you truly are using too much? These are things to think about.

2 – You have spent rent or food money on drink or drugs

It doesn’t have to be drugs or alcohol. It could be that you have a gambling addiction. Whatever it is though, if you are spending your food money or your rent money on it, then this is the sure sign of an addiction. People who are in control of how much alcohol they drink don’t risk their rent money on a good night out. People who are in control of how much drugs they take are not people who spend their entire food budget for the month on said drugs. If you’ve ever spent food or rent on drugs or alcohol, then you could be in danger of addiction.

3 – Your family have staged an intervention

Families don’t stage interventions for no reason. If your friends and family have made the effort to come together to tell you that you’re drinking or using too much, they are not lying to you. They are concerned. These are the people that know you best, and they’re worried about you. Heed their advice. Listen to what they are telling you. Think about getting some rehab help before it’s too late.

4 – Do you have called a rehab clinic while high

Again, ordinary people don’t call rehab clinics when they get drunk. They don’t use drugs once and decide that they must need to go to rehab. If you have been high one evening and called a rehab clinic or an advice service, then you’re probably addicted.

Getting Help for Addiction

If any of the above sounds too familiar, you need to check yourself. It could be that you have a budding addiction that needs attention.