How Aptihealth Is Targeting Mental Health Solutions With a Patient-Centric Approach to Care

Medical providers have had to work remotely to connect with their patients in the never-ending hunt for better care provided to consumers. The COVID-19 pandemic threw a wrench into the convention. It forced patients to re-assess their relationship with medical care, finding ways to connect virtually to find the support they need.

Along with the booming remote care industry, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic caused millions of individuals to re-assess their mental health, coming to terms with issues they may have been putting off or simply unaware of.

Aptihealth seeks to connect patients to the care they need through remote virtual systems that comply with today’s modern demands and needs. As a value-based care provider, Aptihealth supplies comprehensive virtual-first care to residents throughout New York State ages five and older.

Introducing Aptihealth

Aptihealth works directly within the larger healthcare ecosystem as it integrates and provides individuals access to any point of care. From population-precise programs for children and adolescents to the adult care programs available for every level of mental health understanding, Aptihealth provides support.

Aptihealth works within the larger healthcare ecosystem as it partners with community-based organizations and physician groups to provide comprehensive care and specific programs to needy individuals. Aptihealth specializes in bringing support to where needed most, bringing and placing patients into consideration within a few days of their initial intake.

A traditional session through Aptihealth’s secured video platform can work through smartphones, tablets, and personal computers. Developed and designed to work on both Android and iOS systems, patients can expect convenient care and enhanced engagement throughout their sessions.

Registered patients enjoy online video therapy that is designed to suit their needs. Licensed prescribers are brought into the equation when treatment plans progress to the point of prescription, allowing this healthcare professional to access the video platform in a HIPAA-compliant setting.

While technology is the thread that connects the work of Aptihealth to its patients, the personalized care and human attention to detail make the system so effective.

Bringing Positive Results to the Masses

Aptihealth has offered its care program for years, helping reduce hospital admissions and re-admissions while curbing Emergency Department events. Surveyed patients also found that Aptihealth was beneficial in producing better outcomes.

Nearly 95% of surveyed patients utilizing Aptihealth’s care system said that the company improved their lives, while a further 70% of patients said that they experienced reduced symptoms relating to depression.

While Aptihealth continues growing on the digital landscape, it finds continued accreditation for its national benchmarks under FUA, FUH, FUI, and FUM HEDIS 5-Star Performance. Leaning heavily on data and technology-derived insights, Aptihealth hopes to lean into rapidly producing diagnoses, treatment plans, and better outcomes for patients.

The American Academy of Family Physicians noted in 2018 that primary care physicians should increasingly seek to connect with outpatient behavioral health services to better care for their patients.