Tips for losing your virginity

Calm down! A glass of wine will be fine to keep things in place!

If you are here to know about the first night tips for losing your virginity, you are at the right place. There are huge myths about losing your virginity for the first time. However, you must know the bottom line.

You must be wondering about the discomfort and pain. However, know that minor discomfort is common. What you need to take care of is to stay protected, minimize your discomfort and enjoy!

Remember: Everyone’s “first time” differs!

●       Consent and charge

Because this is your first time, it does not mean you cannot place your views. Consent is necessary for every sexual relationship. If you feel you are not ready to lose it, say a no! Even though you want to take charge or you want your partner to take control, do not feel nervous. However, it is fine to feel slightly anxious, but this might not be the right time if you are over scared.

●       Foreplay turns tables

Don’t rush. If you are waiting for so long, it’s common to get excited and rush to the climax. However, experiencing is the key. Foreplay is fun and a great way to ease your mind, increase your body awareness and experience sensual pleasure. It involves kissing, cuddling, talking about sex, several other activities.

●       Make use of Lube

No matter how excited you get, using lubes is always beneficial. Put a generous amount on both your and your partner’s organ. This will help things slide smoothly and decrease the chances of you being hurt.

●       It’s not wrong to check-in

Apart from what you see in movies, you must know that communicating while sex is intense. Soft, silent talks can make your first night more sensual. Make your first experience memorable by expressing exactly what you feel and want. Bottom line? Communicate!

●       Do not keep unrealistic expectations

Everyone has different definitions of fantasy in their minds. However, there is a reason why it is referred to as a “fantasy.” Remember that this is real life, and your sex routine does not need to take place like a pro. You and your partner might not be a sex god or goddess for the first time. Accepting that you are new to this and that you are still exploring makes things more fun.

●       Protection first

Make use of condoms always. Not to stay away from pregnancy but to stay protected from STIs even if it is your first time. You never know what your partner may carry and let’s just be honest, people lie. It is always good to take protection from any of the STDs or STIs.


Remember, losing your virginity before marriage or after marriage does not define the rest of your sex life. However, it’s completely on you to refer to “losing your virginity” in your first ever casual/ consensual sex or the first time of good sex!