What Massage Guns are Good After Workouts

So you are wanting to get the most out of your workout? Then look no further than massage guns.

This device looks like it is something that belongs in your tool kit, but is actually designed with your body and muscles in mind! It is quickly proving to be one of the best workout recovery tools available on the market and people around the world are investing in this power tool designed for the body!

In the past few years, more people are realizing that machine guns are essential to their recovery. This is because it allows your body to get a more circulated blood flow to ensure your muscles get the right amount of oxygen to the muscles. Other products designed to enact just this include things like foam rollers or even massages from actual sports therapists. But the massage guns are in a world of their own.

With a heap of research coming out on the massage guns, it has never been easier to recover from a tough workout, prepare your body for competition or even help your body heal from an injury. Superstar athletes are huge fans of the massage guns and so are physiotherapists!

The type of massage gun you decide to invest in is completely up to you! All have the same end goal, but each is designed a little bit differently.

To help you make the decision on what massage gun is best for you after a workout, here is everything you need to know about massage guns.

  1. What are massage guns

Simple, they are basically a power tool for your muscles. They are designed to do a deep vibration on a specific area of your body. The tip will massage the muscle backward and forward to circulate the blood flow in that area. By doing that, your muscles will get more oxygen and recover faster. They are also able to help you build up your pain tolerance, which is important especially if you are an elite level athlete 

  1. How do you use a massage gun

It really is simple and you can do it whenever and wherever. All you do is place over the specific area of your body, pull the trigger and boom—instant deep tissue massage will be enacted! However, you want to practice caution when you use the deep tissue massage gun. You want to pull the trigger with a steady hand—or two—because the effect will be quite violent! And you want to really make sure it is placed over muscles that are particularly tight. You can repeat this process for as long as you need- there is no max amount of times before you have to stop. So you have complete control over determining if the job has been done!

  1. When to use it

Again, massage guns are not just good for post workouts or races. They can also be used as a form of warm-up as well! To get the best workout possible and prevent any injuries from occurring, you want your muscles to be nice and warmed up. The massage guns are able to quickly get your muscles fired up and activated and get the blood circulating in your body! But you can also use the massage gun during a workout. For example, if you are lifting heavy and want to reach your max, you can use the massage gun between sets of a specific lift to keep your muscles as fresh and flexible as possible. While you still want to stretch and maintain flexibility on your own, the massage guns offer a quick and efficient way of making sure your muscles act how they are supposed to. And then there is after your workout. Generally, the quicker you can use the massage gun after your workout, the better the recovery process will be. This is because your nervous system will be shifted into recovery mode and your muscles will have less time to soak up things like that painful lactic acid every athlete desperately wants to avoid!

Massage guns are proving to be a wonderful recovery tool, especially for athletes. This means that there are many different types of massage guns that you can decide to invest in. Each is designed a bit differently in terms of the power it produces and the way it is shaped—and, of course—the athletic level of that consumer. But massage guns all have the same common goal of helping our muscles stay fresh, stay flexible, and stay injury-free. You can use the massage gun either before your workout, during your workout, or after your workout. But the most important part is that you do use it because it will greatly help your athletic performance! With so many perks to having a massage gun, there are very few reasons to not invest and give it a try for yourself!