Why More and More People are Getting Online Medical Consultation in Singapore

You may have noticed that online medical consultations in Singapore are getting more and more popular, and apps like Speedoc have gained so many users in the past few years. It is no coincidence that the rise in popularity of these apps and services has started at just about a similar period as the global COVID-19 pandemic. Online medical consultations offer many advantages over a traditional face-to-face consultation during these times, and it is easy to see why. Visit https://speedoc.com/sg/telemedicine-online-doctors if you want to set an appointment for an online medical consultation.

How your smartphone can get you a medical consultation

Nowadays, almost everyone in the world has a smartphone and this tiny tool has become more than just a convenient way to make and take calls or browse the Internet. You can do so many things with your phone, such as having food delivered. looking for a date, or reading the latest news and highlights.

One smartphone service that has grown in popularity in the past few years is the online medical consultation. For an online consultation to work, all you need is a camera, a microphone and a way to watch a video stream – all of which are available with your smartphone. You only need to download a telemedicine app like Speedoc, register as a user, and voila! An online medical consultation should just be a few finger taps away. Of course, each app might have a different system in place on how to queue their doctors with their users, but more often than not, this system should be much more convenient compared to trying to schedule a face-to-face appointment with a doctor or specialist through a phone call.

Why are online medical consultations in Singapore getting popular?


There’s a variety of reasons why a medical consultation online has become a popular option for getting health care during these times:

  1. There are fewer hoops you need to go through to get a consultation.


To be able to get an online medical consultation, you only really need a smartphone and a decent Internet connection for online conferencing. Now, depending on the app or service in which you are availing of the online medical consultation, the online conferencing feature may already be built-in the app or may need you to download a separate app for it. Usually, you only need to register once with the app or service for you to be able to avail of their services and features, including the online consultations. Once you are done registering in the app, there should be some simple instructions on how to schedule an online medical consultation. Usually, this should be easy to do as this is often the main selling point of the app. Apps like Speedoc usually have doctors readily available for the consultation as they only have to use their smartphones or laptops to be able to communicate with you.

Compare that with trying to get a consultation with a specialist at a hospital or clinic. Unless you already have a doctor in mind, you will have to first look for a specialist through either an online search or by calling hospitals and clinics near you. Then you will have to determine their clinic hours and whether or not those are convenient times for you to visit. Next, you will have to call the clinic or hospital and set a schedule for an appointment with the said doctor or medical specialist, which, depending on the availability of slots, can be at a date a couple of weeks from the time you called. Finally, once the scheduled appointment date comes, you will have to travel from your home or workplace to the doctor’s clinic and may even have to queue in line when you get there.

  1. You can get urgent care and assistance through online medical consultations.


It usually does not take long to find a doctor that can assist you with your urgent needs, such as a bad stomach ache or an intense allergic reaction. If you feel that you need some urgent care but it is not necessarily life-threatening, then you can set up an online medical consultation in just a matter of minutes. The doctor will then ask you a couple of questions such as what you feel, if there is pain or discomfort and in which part of your body you feel it. He or she will then be able to make a quick diagnosis and prescribe you some medicine or treatment to deal with it.

The alternative is to travel to a hospital’s emergency room and have yourself checked up by the doctors and nurses there. However, if you feel intense pain or discomfort it may not be safe for you to drive or commute by yourself to the hospital and you will need the assistance of a family member or friend. Once you get to the emergency room, there may also be a lot of other patients that are awaiting treatment and you may have to wait a bit before you can be attended to.


  1. Online medical consultations are much more cost-effective when it comes to not just money but also time.


Money is an important resource when it comes to access to health care, but another valuable resource that cannot be replenished is your time. If you opt to schedule a face-to-face consultation at a hospital or medical facility, then you should already consider yourself lucky if you can get an appointment in the next few days. However, oftentimes the consultation may be set at a date a few weeks after. These weeks spent waiting for the consultation could have been weeks spent for treatment and recovery.

An online medical consultation can usually be gotten just a few minutes to an hour after you request for one through an online app or service. This is because there are many doctors and medical specialists that are readily available to give you an online consultation. They are also much more cost-effective for your money as these consultations are in general much cheaper compared to a face-to-face consultation, as well as not having to drive or commute to the doctor’s clinic.


How to Find Which Type of Online Health Screening You Should Take

Health screenings are an important part of keeping our bodies and minds healthy and in tip-top shape. Doctors often recommend taking a health screening at least once (1) a year for all ages of patients. The type of screening you should get will depend on a variety of factors, such as age, sex, risk factors, fitness, and lifestyle. Read on if you want to know more about online health screening in Singapore.

It can never be understated the importance of maintaining and improving one’s own health. Having both your mind and your body healthy can help you in your everyday activities, accomplish your goals and keep you energized. Taking an online health screening will help prevent some more serious diseases like breast or prostate cancer, as early detection will usually lead to avoiding the disease altogether. Screening for sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) such as HIV or chlamydia will also allow you to address and treat the problem and prevent spreading the diseases to your sexual partner/s.

Benefits of Undergoing an Online Health Screening

Regular online health screenings are very important because it can give you the following benefits:

  1. Early Detection of Diseases


A proper online health screening can detect diseases such as heart disease, cancer and STDs even before they can fully develop. Thanks to patients undergoing health screenings, many lives are saved each year. A disease that is detected early can possibly mean the difference between life and death, and may help a patient manage and deal with the disease before it can completely manifest in his or her body.

If a disease is detected through a health screening, the doctor will talk to you and give you advice on how to proceed. He or she will give you some possible treatment options, whether it be medication or a procedure. The doctor can also give you the status of the disease whether it is still in the onset or at an advanced stage already. Do not hesitate to ask your doctor if you have any questions, and do not be afraid to take a second round of the online health screening if you want to be completely sure.


  1. Peace of Mind and Better Mental Health


Your family might have a history of some diseases like stroke or heart disease and you may be worried that you might have developed the same problems that your family members have had. To help ease your worry, you can undergo an online health screening for that particular disease to determine whether or not your body has or has not developed the disease. If the screening results come out negative, it can be a big load off your back to know that your health is doing well and that you do not have the disease that has plagued your family. It can be a big boost to your mental health to have one less thing to worry about.

On the other hand, if the screening came out positive for the disease, at least you are now properly informed of it and that you can undergo treatment earlier, which can hopefully cure you of that disease or help you manage it.


  1. Improve your Lifestyle and Physical Health


There are many cases in which a patient who has undergone a health screening has drastically improved his or her lifestyle and physical activity due to the screening results. As the old saying goes, “knowledge is power”, and being able to know about the status of your body’s health can ultimately push you to be a better version of yourself through proper diet and exercise.


Types of Online Health Screening


Depending on your health service provider, the clinic or hospital can offer the following types of online health screening:

  1. Basic Health Screening of Vitals


A health clinic can offer a basic health screening that will check a person’s vitals such as his or her full blood count, blood glucose levels, urinalysis and tests on the kidney and liver function.

This is usually the most basic tier of health screening and is recommended for those who undergo regular health screenings. Any individual who wants to have a general overview of his or her health can take this type of health screening so that he or she can have a general assessment of his/her health. This type of screening can also detect iron deficiency in your blood, as well as infections and other blood disorders.


  1. Advanced Health Screening


 A slightly more advanced health screening will include a basic health screening plus some other essential tests like cholesterol screening, blood type identification and detection of common diseases such as hepatitis B and diabetes. This type of screening is recommended for those who have a family history of the tested diseases, but may also be taken by anyone who wants a more comprehensive health screen than the basic one.


  1. Mental Health Screening


This type of health screening aims to determine whether or not an individual suffers from some mental health problems such as depression and anxiety, as well as detect the presence of mental health disorders like ADD and panic disorder. This is recommended for anyone who is struggling with their mental health to help deal with it in the future.


  1. Cancer Screening


Several cancers can be detected early by undergoing a cancer health screening. These include breast cancer, colorectal cancer, pancreatic cancer, ovarian cancer and prostate cancer. Detecting these cancers early can possibly save your life, as most cancers that are still at an early state can be completely removed from your body.


  1. HIV Screening


A specific health screening for the human immunodeficiency virus is available for individuals who are sexually active and are worried that they may have contracted the virus from a sexual partner. A person with HIV can live a full and normal life if the virus is detected early, as there are medications that can prevent the virus from damaging your immune system.


  1. Sexual Health Screening


A more comprehensive sexual health screening can be offered by a clinic as well that can detect some STDs such as chlamydia, syphilis and herpes. This is recommended for sexually active individuals that want a more complete test.

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