Best Mobile Apps for Backpacking 

To remain safe and updated when traveling, individuals use the best mobile apps for backpacking. These mobile apps may offer users navigational assistance, health reports, easy communication when in foreign regions, hospitality availability, or utilities that may prove helpful during a vacation, backpacking or trekking venture, or travel adventure. The specific technologies within mobile backpacking apps may include reliable route and path guidance across various terrains, offline systems, and user-friendly, informative, and helpful features that make traveling abroad easy. 

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What is Backpacking? 

Known as a form of tourism, backpacking is an activity that individuals undertake to gain a deeper sense of adventure. Generally, backpacking is considered less expensive as the individual carries all of their necessary possessions while they travel locally or internationally. Since space, weight, and fatigue are all important factors to consider when partaking in backpacking, travelers rely on their smartphones and mobile apps to interact with their community, navigate the region, and prepare accommodations. Above all mobile apps assist backpackers with knowing how to remain safe and healthy when traveling abroad

Best Mobile Backpacking Apps

Google Maps 

Available on both iOS and Android mobile platforms, Google Maps has free features that both travelers and users may utilize to navigate in real-time. Included in the application features, Google maps consists of route planning features, 360 panoramic views, landmark identification, offline map systems. In detail, the mapping systems’ map downloading features may allow users to explore geographical locations without always relying on an internet connection. Additionally, the mobile application offers weather forecasts and bookmarking features that make navigation easy and intuitive. 

All Trails

For free or with paid membership with advanced features, All Trails is an iOS and Android mobile application that offers hikers and backpackers the ability to locate, track, and navigate thousands of trails. Within the application, users gain access to custom trail creation tools that are easy to share with friends and family. With the paid version of All Trails, users may download geographical maps and routes, save trail details, and review offline when traveling. The trails listed within the current mobile app database ranges above 50,000 trails from the United States to Canada. With All Trails, backpackers may stay up-to-date on the latest hiking routes while contributing feedback, media, and custom trails with others in their communities. 


Guthook is currently available on the Apple iOS Store and the Google Play Store for Android mobile devices. The application assists all users with choosing the most secure routes when backpacking countryside, urban settings, and backcountry wilderness thru-hikes. On Guthook, the maps provide various useful information for the end-user. For example, there is GPS map and trail guidance, United States and international map download options, and different map view options to review elevation, weather, and terrain. The mobile app also includes offline operational features for users during their travels. Lastly, GutHook marks areas such as water stops, campsites, and hazards to assist users with planning their backpacking adventures. 

Google Translate

As a quick reference for language literacy, Google Translate is an ideal mobile application for backpackers traveling outside of their native states. Available for both iOS and Android devices, the mobile application offers language assistance when users are communicating with others, deciphering signage texts, and reading print materials. Due to the design, Google Translate continues to rise in popularity due to its responsive and quick performance, free availability, and transcription features. For backpackers outside of their familiar geographical region, Google Translate ensures that their users stay more informed about what’s around them. 


Commonly overlooked, Flush is a mobile application that locates the nearest bathroom within your current location. Flush is available on both iOS and Android app distribution platforms and devices. To use Flush, simply open the app and then choose one of the available pins to review bathroom information and location. Within the app, users may allow the app to find their location to recommend the nearest facility or they may search for particular restrooms within an alternative region. Also, Flush enables users to add a bathroom location for other community members to review, rate, and report toilets, report handicap or required keys per each listing. The simplicity, responsiveness, and free version of Flush make this mobile application a must-have app for backpackers. 

Hostels Worldwide 

Hostels Worldwide is compatible with both iOS and Android Devices. When registered, users may book hostels and accommodations with the necessary details. These details may include the check-in and check-out dates, the number of guests, property preferences, and the desired destination. With a simple user interface, backpackers may quickly book their accommodation from over 30,000 properties across 170 countries. Above all, Hostel Worldwide makes booking your stay easy and more budget-friendly in comparison to alternative booking mobile apps. 


When choosing which mobile apps are the best mobile apps for backpacking, it is important to consider the functionality and performance of the application, responsiveness, and upgradable features. For backpackers, these mobile applications may need to include features that assist with navigation, weather reports, community updates, and accommodation bookings. To ensure that the end-users navigate easier when traveling abroad, these mobile applications are also compatible on various mobile devices, may operate offline, and present a user-friendly interface for users to interact with while in transit. 


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