The Best Starter Vape Kits

Vape starter kits are designed for new vape users. However, if you have lost a vape, it is a great way to replace or upgrade your vape. Vape kits include everything you need except the liquid to start vaping. Each vape is designed slightly differently. Some vapes are more discreet than other vapes. You will find some vape brands are more popular than others as well as more expensive. The best starter vape kits include all the accessories such as the charger cords, coils, and refillable tanksv.

Tube Kits

A vape tube looks exactly how it sounds: it is a tube. The cylindrical base of the vape stands upright like a pen. At the top of the tube is a refillable tank. Vape tube tanks may hold less e-liquid than large vapes, but they are generally lighter and easier to fit into your pocket or purse. Vape tubes can be just as powerful as larger vapes, firing up to 80W. The starter kit includes one rechargeable battery. The best vape tube starter kits will have a larger 3000mAh internal battery. A large battery is one feature you should always look for in any vape. You can use the vape much longer without needing to recharge it. Vape tube kits often include two to three different types of coils. It is an excellent way to figure out which type of coil you like as it affects the flavour and cloud production.

Rectangular Tank Kits

Rectangular vape tanks are compact, light, and high quality. The simple design is perfectly suited to your grip. These starter kits include leak proof tanks, replaceable coils, and large batteries. Often, the tanks hold more vape liquid than other designs so you will not have to fill them as often. You will find some kits are less expensive than others due to the brand as well as its features. For example, one brand of rectangular tank kit may offer two versions, one with a 1500mAh battery and the other with a 3000mAh battery. The larger battery will cost more. The best vapes include technology that permits vaping while charging. It protects the device from short circuits and overheating. You can customise the wattage of the tank with its settings. For example, you may prefer a lower 20W or a higher 60W. A starter kit will include two to three different coils. Some coils are designed for more flavour and/or cloud production. You will also find some coils are better with nic-salt liquids than others.