What Are Meth Sores? How Do You Recognize Them?

‘SPEED’ is the nickname given to the drug name methamphetamines. Usage of methamphetamines is a Schedule-II type drug that increases neural functioning in the brain. With the sudden boost of energy, heightened sensory levels, intense levels of concentration, and hedonistic feeling of euphoria, the list goes on and on. Meth is a highly potent drug that happens to be highly addictive.

What are Meth Sores?

Meth mouth sores are the part of the destructive passage that comes with the addiction to Meth. Meth Sores are open wounds on almost every part of the body. Meth sores are one of the visible side effects of Meth, the addiction to meth makes people scratch and pick over their own skin. The constant picking on the skin may make the individual susceptible to infection. The mouth area is the most vulnerable portion for meth sores.

How to Recognize  Meth Sores?

 Meth can be consumed in many ways, either by snorting or by smoking, dissolving it in liquid, injecting it, etc. As meth is a water-soluble substance, skin pores flush out toxins of meth. The facial pores excrete oil and tend to sweat, which is the major reason for the appearance of meth sores on the face. Meth sores are the results of the skin picking which leads to the formation of lesions. Meth sores resemble acne usually due to their appearance on the face. They are open, red, and inflamed flesh wounds with a scabby appearance.  Meth sores are often the result of a weakened immune system, continuous skin-picking, inflamed skin, and lack of personal hygiene.

Meth sores make the meth user pick on their lesions and acne, this happens due to the crawling sensation underneath the user’s skin. This crawling sensation is famous with the phrase ‘imaginary crank bugs’. Meth mites and Meth sores are not only visible side effects, the Meth Face is a horrific condition. Meth users don’t deal with skin picking but also suffer from horrific skin conditions such as the asymmetrical face, tooth decay, etc.

Methamphetamines are highly addictive drugs that affect the brain and physical appearance of their users. Methamphetamines cause multifaceted addiction.