The Untold Story on HGH Shots for Height That You Must Read

Human growth hormone (HGH) was developed to help slow-growing kids reach their potential, but today, even adults use it with the hope that they can stay young for many years. It’s easy to understand why HGH is so seductive. Most short people, especially men, often encounter a lot of challenges ranging from finding a life partner to fitting in with the rest of the boys.

In fact, research has shown that there’s a strong correlation between shortness and teasing, juvenilization, bullying as well as social exclusion. As a result, any parent with a short child and a huge pocketbook will opt to have the kid treated rather than let him experience the disadvantages that come with being extremely short. If you are such a parent, there’s more you should know.

Treatment can help to heal traumatic brain injury

Some people use HGH shots for height as a magic elixir of youth. A quick search online will tell you that it’s a popular tip offered to fight to age. HGH can also be used to heal your mind. A recent study has shown that some people do well after a series of HGH shots. That means that most of the cognitive challenges parent see in their children could be because of HGH deficiency.

Injections could Increase Cancer Risk

Most people are always on the lookout for different ways to keep cancer at bay. What you need to understand is that HGH shots for height have a troubling past where cancer is concerned. Although inconclusive, research has shown that HGH may increase your risk of getting cancer. This study assessed the likelihood of patients developing cancer when paralleled to the rest of the population.

Results showed that patients receiving HGH shots for height stand a high chance of developing bladder and bone cancer. In addition, for those with a history of cancer, death is likely along the way.

Injections may be able to Reduce Body Fat

Doctors believe that a significant portion of the body fat people accumulate as they grow older could be an indication that hormone levels are dropping. An older research study seems to agree, as it establishes that people, mostly men above the age of 60, who used HGH experience a significant drop in body fat by about 14 percent. HGH also leads to an increase in lean mass by more than 9 percent.

Unfortunately, because the effects of HGH are often over exaggerated, this has promoted abuse, which is why elderly men and athletes use this hormone without consulting a doctor.

An Injection may not do much for your Child’s Growth

If you are hoping to give your average sized child some height, HGH shots for height won’t work for you. Most parents wear a false belief that HGH injections can help to give a child a normal height.

However, HGH shots for height can only go as far as offering just 3 inches of extra height. If your child has a hereditary predisposition to be short, HGH won’t work miracles.

Injections may Raise your Diabetes Risk

HGH shorts for height won’t be the first thing that crosses your mind when you start thinking about diabetes. However, a number of research studies have linked resistance to insulin with an increase in HGH levels. This is an issue that may eventually lead to type 2 diabetes.

Injections may y Shorten your Lifespan

Although it sounds counterintuitive, a study has shown that most centenarians are HGH deficient but live longer. The study targeted Ecuadorians with significantly low HGH levels, and the results showed that this group has a substantially low predisposition to cancer or diabetes, unlike the general population.

The injection promotes healing

Some researchers have shown that topical HGH can accelerate healing for kids with skin grafts and skin burns. A study is ongoing to find out if injection can accelerate healing in case of ACL injuries.

Most of the Benefits of Injections Comes from other Medication

Athletes who profess that HGH works also take other kinds of drugs including testosterone, steroids and many other performance enhancement drugs. These drugs may be the ones responsible for athletes outperforming others while HGH offers a supporting boost.

You could be exposing yourself to danger

HGH is greatly regulated. Doctors prescribe this hormone for a few uses and conditions. Thus, those who take HGH shots for height, as injectable, sprays or pills, get them through illegal means. Such people are at risk because they could be using placebos or substances that can cause harm.

Wrap Up

HGH shots for height have both good and bad effects. Most of the information on HGH focuses on what it can do for you or your child. However, it’s also important to find out what side effects it has on the body, especially after prolonged use. If you still need more information on HGH, consult your doctor.